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Trippie Redd Finally Releases “Betrayal” With Drake

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Trippie Redd & Drake

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I totally thought this song was a myth.

I thought I had way too much crust in my eyes on Friday morning when I saw “Betrayal” featuring Drake on the tracklisting for Trip At KnightWhen I pressed play on the album, I was mad as hell that the song was excluded. A few hours after the album’s release, Trippie Redd decided to stop being stingy and officially drop the track.



I never thought that Trippie and Drake’s styles would merge well on a song, and guess what, it doesn’t in “Betrayal.” Don’t get me wrong, Trippie sounds like his regular amped-up and unruly self, it’s Drake that sounds slightly off, to me (His flows are a little shaky). Nonetheless, the 6God does spew out some juicy lyrics in his verse; some of which that caught headlines:

“All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know / Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go / Ye ain’t changin’ s**t for me, it’s set in stone.”

Now it makes sense why this song wasn’t featured on the album initially…

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