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Not Enough Black Prez

Not Enough

Black Prez and Barbasauce

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If you are looking for motivation, here it is. 

Josh Madry, aka Black Prez, was raised in military life and so proudly claims both his US and German upbringing. Destined to create a career out of his passion for music, Black Prez spent his school years remixing his favorite songs to sell to peers for lunch money. Josh Madry took the moniker “Black Prez” during Obama’s presidency. He cheekily states that he’s “happy to share the presidential duties – Barack can run the country, Black Prez will run rap.” His talents don’t end with rapping. He is also a songwriter and actor. His newest album, Berla, includes the track “Not Enough,” which is all about aiming high. 

Black Prez is not accepting limits with this song. Between his musical talents and Barbasauces production skills, they create a classic hip-hop sound that stays unique. With lines like, “all the stars aren’t enough,” you can’t help but let yourself feel what he’s trying to say. He even talks about how it can be hard sometimes, but that can’t stop him. “Not Enough” is the perfect song for when you are on the grind and have no intention of stopping.

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