Friends 4 Life

 Lena Dov

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A heartwarming pop track that reminds us of the special bonds of friendship.

California native, Lena Dov, is a multitalented creative with an innovative style. She is a singer, rapper, graphic designer, and lead vocalist for the band The Program. Her prior work includes feel-good singles such as “I’m the Woman” and “Nothin’ but Love.” Dov’s latest release is the heartfelt pop single “Friends 4 Life” and its accompanying animated (and adorable) lyrical visuals.

Dov’s new track is a sugary-sweet ode to friendship. The lyrics for “Friends 4 Life” are straight from the heart with lines like “I knew there was somethin’ special about you” and “Imma have your back no matter what you do.” Along with its emotional message, the sound on “Friends 4 Life” boosts some funky horns and uplifting beats. So if you’re looking to banish bad vibes, check out Dov’s latest single and immerse yourself in a feel-good tale of friendship.