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Jak Lizard Shines With the Soulful “Give A Light To You”

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Give A Light To You

Jak Lizard

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A vibrant soul single that’s bursting with uplifting enthusiasm.

New York-based creative, Jak Lizard, is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose music offers a fresh take on classic styles. His sound combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, and soul. With uplifting lyrics and infectious beats, Jak Lizard’s work is truly inspirational. His latest release is the soul single “Give A Light To You.”

With its warm tones and feel-good message, “Give A Light To You” is a motivational reminder that will ease your anxiety and fill your soul with positive vibes. Lizard’s signature style absolutely shines as the track shows off its beautifully layered sound with finger snaps, vibrant dance-ready beats, and passionate vocals that will ease your troubles in no time at all. So, if your day needs a dash of positivity, crank up “Give A Light To You” and bask in its radiant energy.

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