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Maeby Gets Deliciously Seductive With “So Bad”

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So Bad


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A playful pop single that’s devilishly sweet.

Phoenix, Arizona-native Maeby is a singer and songwriter with a sound that’s truly captivating. Her latest release is the lighthearted pop single “So Bad.” The new track is also accompanied by a music video that shows off Maeby’s naughty side in a wonderfully nostalgic setting.

With an ultra-catchy hook and hypnotic vocals, you definitely want to experience the playful music video for “So Bad” and its fabulous 50s setting with a twist. The visuals see Maeby as a housewife who is anything but satisfied. As the artist gets into plenty of mischief around the house, Maeby’s alluring voice recounts her wicked ways. With plenty of infectious beats and an overall playful sense, “So Bad” is a memorable experience that brings plenty of heat. So press play and get in touch with your inner devil. 😈🍒

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