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Ay Wing Dazzles Us With the Enchanting “Angel Blue”

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Angel Blue

Ay Wing

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A reflective single that immerses you into a glittering world of atmospheric sounds.

Berlin-based artist, Ay Wing, is a Swiss singer and songwriter whose music is shaped by “quirky 60s sounds and modern beat-driven production.” With her unique style, Ay Wing often showcases a magically nostalgic vibe to accompany her reflective lyrics that will have listeners feeling inspired and ready to dance. Ay Wing’s latest release is the R&B dual-single “Angel Blue,” which also features the track “Lift Me Up”.

With its dreamy sense and hauntingly soulful vocals, “Angel Blue” will have you drifting away into a fantasyland. According to Ay Wing, “The song is inspired by the idea of harvest and withdrawal. During this time, we might feel more introverted, emotional, inward-facing, and introspective.” The new track is also part of a series called Cycle, which is meant to empower women and inspire balance between masculine and feminine energy. “Angel Blue” definitely has a wonderfully calming sense to its mellow sound that feels incredibly inspiring. You’ll love the soft yet soulful experience found in “Angel Blue.”

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