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Livi Lets Us See Her Bleeding Heart In The Very Emotional “Leave This Low”

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Leave This Low


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You get a spectacular all-around performance by Livi in “Leave This Low” and the song’s visuals.

Never take music that makes you feel something for granted; whether it’s music that makes you smile, music that makes you want to dance, or music that makes you sad. Livi is a talented singer-songwriter that knows exactly how to evoke feelings out of her listeners. While I recommend that you listen to every single track in her catalog (Including “Fucker”), the one song that I suggest you should overplay is her latest single “Leave This Low.”

In “Leave This Low,” Livi lets her serial heartbreaker know how much pain and suffering that they have caused her. I think it is absolutely captivating how she pieces her deep thoughts together in the song, mainly coming across as discombobulated and combative, while occasionally coming across as tender and empty. I also love how Livi’s passionate vocals are never overshadowed by the powerful/sobering guitar-driven instrumental. All in all, I feel like “Leave This Low” is the perfect vent session packaged in the form of well-structured and spellbinding music.

In the music video to “Leave This Low,” Livi records herself looking disheveled in various locations of her house. She must also be a professional actor because I felt her emotions through my computer screen.

Watch the music video to “Leave This Low” below. It’s beyond intriguing.





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