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Gemtunes Music Have An Unbreakable Bond

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Gemtunes Music consists of three artists from Corpus Christi, Texas: David Brandon, Jay Phaze & King Gem. What they specialize in are clever punchlines and melodies that you won’t forget.

Jay Phaze is a VP, artist, co-executive producer, and songwriter for Gemtunes Music. He started his career at 15-years-old when he discovered his sound through freestyling in high school. After hesitating with his music career in the beginning, Jay decided to fully pursue music. Quickly, he began to get respect from several of his peers. As the years have gone by, Jay has polished his sound immensely.
David Brandon is the youngest of the crew at only fifteen years old. He is an artist, co-executive producer, and songwriter at Gemtunes Music. Brandon has been establishing his brand since the age of four, being inspired by the late Michael Jackson. Believe it or not, he began performing at the age of 5 at local restaurants, fundraisers, backpack giveaways, talent shows, and other local events. As Brandon got older. he started to make waves at local Bars, clubs, and car shows. In 2017, Brandon joined the Gemtunes Music team. On March 3rd, 2020, he made waves with a heart-pumping performance in Texas, one that led to him procuring his first radio interview with “Z95,” a popular radio station in Corpus Christi, Texas. Brandon released his album “!?” on November 23, 2020. These days, he’s continuing to build his brand by staying glued to the studio.
King Gem is the last of the trio that we need to talk about. He’s the CEO, executive producer, co-writer and founder of Gemtunes Music. He’s responsible for producing a lot of music for the local talent around Corpus Christi. In 2017, King Gem met Jay Phaze in a local studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. They instantly created a bond. That same year, David was introduced to King Gem by Jay Phaze. Gem ultimately played mentor to the two aspiring artists, helping them navigate through the music industry. Stay tuned for what the Gemtunes Music trio has bubbling up. To end the year, they are looking at releasing an album.

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