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ISLA Shares a Powerful Message In “Closure”

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A comforting pop single that’s all about moving on from a toxic situation.

Cape Town-based singer and songwriter, Isla Sutherland (aka ISLA), is a 21-year-old up-and-coming artist with powerful vocals and a unique style. Her musical influences include artists such as Lorde, Bastille, and Kelly Clarkson. ISLA has been performing locally since 2019. In July, she dropped her debut pop song, “Break The Fall.” Her second single release, “Closure,” is out now and is accompanied by a lyric video.

According to ISLA, her new pop track is “all about finally leaving a toxic person behind and finding the strength to say everything you need to.” Along with its powerful message, “Closure” is also filled with beautifully hypnotic vocals and mellow instrumentals that radiate with a cheerful essence. The track’s wonderfully uplifting reflection of self-worth is truly inspiring and really shows off ISLA’s obvious passion and personal connection to the song. Press play and let the striking lyrics of “Closure” warm your heart.

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