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Naomi Amina Sings Her Heart Out In “Never Die”

Naomi Never Die

Never Die

Namoi Amina

RGM Rating: (⭐⭐⭐)

A gentle track straight from the heart. 

Philly-based creative, Naomi Amina, is not only a musician but she’s also a poet. She finds her inspiration in her faith, nature, and adventure. After going through hard times, Naomi began creating music and poetry as a way to heal and inspire others. She has now released her first poetry and prose book, Almost Butterfly, and her second single, “Never Die”. 

“Never Die” is a gentle and classic R&B track. Though it can feel as if the track is a bit of royalty-free-Esque R&B, Naomi’s lyrics and voice let you know just how heartfelt the song is. You can definitely tell that Naomi sings not just to make a career, but to tell a story for herself and others. 

Listen to “Never Die” below.

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