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The Announcement


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

G-Eazy has officially returned to MVP form.

G-Eazy’s upcoming album is his most important one to date. Since he dropped his last album, The Beautiful & Damned (We don’t acknowledge Everything’s Strange Here), the Bay Area rapper broke up with Halsey, briefly morphed into an emo rock star, and went to jail. In other words, he’s seen his fair share of trials and tribulations in the last four years. Today, G-Eazy decided to release “The Announcement,” a new banger that tells me that he is ready to go back to his hit-making ways.



“The Announcement” is powered by a dark-ass beat that I am confident will put a spell on you. Over it, G-Eazy reminds folks about his hustling, wild, and ambitious ways. While I absolutely love the poise and aggression that he raps with on his verses, I do feel like he could’ve provided us with a little more energy on the hook. Nonetheless, I think this track is unbelievably solid.

Give “The Announcement” a shot below.

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