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Rauw Alejandro & Rvssian Call On Chris Brown For “Nostálgico”

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Rauw Alejandro, Rvssian & Chris Brown

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Summer ain’t over yet, y’all.

When I am out and about, no music gets me more hyped up than Latin music. The vibes, the melodies, and the passion that you usually hear in Latin songs always put me in a good mood. One of the latest Latin gems that you should save to your music catalog is “Nostálgico” with Rauw Alejandro, Rvssian, and Chris Brown.



Technically, “Nostálgico” is a crossover single, as it features a Latin singer in Rauw Alejandro and an R&B singer in Chris Brown. I say “technically” because Chris really sounds like a natural in the song, despite it boasting semi-reggaeton vibes. At the end of the day, both Chris and Rauw shine when it comes to hitting us with infectious melodies and passionate vocals.

Listen to “Nostálgico” below.

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