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Alicia Keys & Swae Lee Unite For “LALA (Unlocked)”

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LALA (Unlocked)

Alicia Keys & Swae Lee

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Five years ago, if you would’ve told me that Swae Lee, the dude from “No Flex Zone,” would one day do a duet with Alicia Keys, I would’ve asked you what drugs you were abusing.

Alicia Keys carved up a hall-of-fame career rather quickly. Nowadays, I feel like she makes music strictly for fun. Today, the New York singer decided to release “LALA (Unlocked),” a laidback track that feels random, a little pointless, and incomplete.



I don’t smoke, but this song definitely makes me want to. The song is powered by a breezy beat, breezy vocals by both Alicia and Swae Lee, and passive-aggressive romantic lyrics. While I am in no rush to save this song to my music library, I do think it could be some great background music while you recover from a severe weed gummies attack.

Alicia has some really good skin (She must use cocoa butter a lot).

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