RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

AZYN is a menace.

Emmanuel Chukwudi Afamefuna Okoli (aka AZYN) is a rapper from Baltimore, Maryland that makes music that true hip-hop fans will love. What stands out to me about him is that he started out as a producer, taught himself how to be an audio engineer, and eventually transformed himself into a recording artist. What that tells me is that he has a really good gauge of the ins and outs that go into making a hit. Soon, AZYN will release his debut self-titled album. The first single off the album is “BIRDISTHEWORD.”

If you are new to AZYN’s music, “BIRDISTHEWORD” is the perfect introduction to who he is. The song features an explosive instrumental that boasts these rock elements that will make you want to smash a guitar on the ground. Over the instrumental, AZYN promotes his hustling, heartbreak, braggadocios, money-making, and violent ways. Personally, I love how he adjusts to the ebbs and flows of the atomic beat, turning up his aggression at random moments while still hitting us with steady flows and consumable lyrics.

Listen to “BIRDISTHEWORD” by AZYN below.