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j.Cymone Dazzles Us With the Soulful “Wait”

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RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A powerful R&B single with plenty of soulful notes and hypnotic vocals.

San Francisco native, j.Cymone, is a singer and songwriter whose unique storytelling style is a powerful presence in her work. Her captivating vocals provide her listeners with an intimate experience that’s wonderfully soulful. Additionally, j.Cymone’s music often focuses on themes like love, sensuality, growth, self-doubt, empowerment, and glamour. Her recent drops are the emotional R&B single “Wait” and its heartfelt accompanying music video.

In a recent interview, the Bay Area native said, “This song is straight vibes. It’s driving down PCH at sunset, top-down, palm trees, and serenity.” Of course, the track’s lighthearted sense and intimate lyrics also bring plenty of soulful depth to complement the singer’s infectious energy. Don’t forget to also check out the visually lovely music video which shows j.Cymone getting deeply emotional. Fans of alternative R&B will absolutely fall in love with j.Cymone’s passionate vibes as they experience the heartfelt reflection of “Wait.

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