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A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2) (Album)


News flash: Common is still making music at a high level.

I find it a little bizarre that Common is no longer a musician that mainstream hip-hop fans are checking for. These days, his albums get little publicity and never really feature big names. Maybe the Chicago native wants to present himself as more of an organic rapper. Whatever the case may be, I think that he is still making outstanding music. Today, Common decided to release A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2), an eleven-track project that boasts music that is purer than a muthaf**ka.



Common’s lyrics on A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2) are refreshing, jampacked with knowledge, and very powerful. If you ask me, he sounds just as fresh as he did in his heyday.

Though A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2) doesn’t feature any mainstream artists, it does feature impressive performances by guests Jessica Care Moore, PJ, Black Thought, Seun Kuti, Marcus King, and Isaiah Sharkey.

Listen to A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2) below.

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