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Know Me

Marlee Quirarte

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A haunting R&B soundscape infused with delightful pop elements.

Marlee Quirarte is an R&B singer and songwriter from Los Angeles with an attention-grabbing sound that’s soulfully fresh and emits an exquisite sense of mystery. Outside of her music career, Quirarte is a strong advocate for animal rights, veganism, and protecting the planet. Her latest release is the soulful single “Know Me.” According to Quirarte, “The concept for this track is very personal and one many can relate to.”

“Know Me” starts out with some ethereal elements, setting the tone with its haunting and soulful sense. From there, the song builds, eventually taking on a more complex sound that weaves in wonderfully mesmerizing pop elements that give it a bit of a commercial feel. Still, this emotional track digs deep with its journey of self-discovery. Quirarte says, “The breakdown of the song is that when someone you love and care about deeply questions who you are at your core, it leaves you feeling rejected, confused, hurt, and essentially feeling alienated.” With its relatable reflection combined with its captivating, ultra-dreamy sound, you definitely don’t want to sleep on this unforgettable single.

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