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Ba4 Gets Deep In “Dirt”



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Ba4 tells an intriguing story full of regrets.

Ba4 is a musician that was born and raised in Ghana but has lived in the United States since 1998. Once he got to America, that was when he got a chance to fall in love with both hip-hop and rock music. Personally, what I like about Ba4 is that he likes to truly get lost in the songs that he makes. One of his best singles to date is “Dirt,” a track that is both deep and intoxicating.



I would categorize “Dirt” as “blues-hop.” The song is powered by an instrumental that will leave you feeling cold and lonely inside. Over it, Ba4 does a great job of showing the world his vulnerable side using tranquilizing melodies and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that has done something that led to the end of a good relationship. More than anything, this song gives me classic Kid Cudi vibes.

Listen to “Dirt” by Ba4 below.


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