Ed Sheeran Releases The Very Catchy “Shivers”

“Shivers” is yet another fun-loving Ed Sheeran track.

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Ed Sheeran

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“Shivers” is yet another fun-loving Ed Sheeran track.

Do you know what I love about Ed Sheeran? He’s someone that makes music then goes home. There is no drama attached to his name, nor does he come across as phony. In a few weeks, Ed will release a brand new album called Equals that I expect to sell tons of records. This weekend, the second single off the album, “Shivers,” hit streaming services.



“Shivers” is a bubbly, uptempo pop track that folks will love shaking their asses to in a crowded bar. Not only does Ed bless us with a chorus that is beyond catchy, but he also hooks us up with infectious melodies and PG-13 romantic lyrics. All in all, “Shivers” is one of those pop bangers that is impossible to hate.

Listen to “Shivers” below.

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