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Drip Water (Uhh)

CruufromtheNorth feat. BTL Dre

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A mesmerizing Afrobeat single that will sweep you up with its infectious blending of sounds.

Brockton, Massachusetts-based musician, CruufromtheNorth, is an Afrobeat artist, producer, and rapper representing the Cape Verde Islands in West Africa. His debut EP Summer Sad AF marked his transition from hip-hip to Afro sounds. With his unique style, CruufromtheNorth is ready to show off his talents to the world. His latest drop is the Afrobeat single “Drip Water (Uhh)” featuring artist BTL Dre. A music video also accompanies the new release.

“Drip Water (Uhh)” keeps the vibes at a steady high with its overall smooth, stylish flow and infectious beats. Likewise, the visually vibrant music video keeps things aesthetically pleasing while showing off plenty of sick dance moves. The soft and melodic vocals beautifully match the track’s feel-good dance-ready style. This bright new single is the perfect salute to summer, so press play and get lost in the hypnotic sound of “Drip Water (Uhh).”

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