On My Side

NBA YoungBoy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

NBA YoungBoy continues to release music from jail.

I have no clue when NBA YoungBoy will be released from jail. What I do know is that, somehow, someway, he will release a new album called Sincerely, Kentrell next week. To get us hyped up for the project, the Louisiana native decided to drop “On My Side.”



“On My Side” sounds like about 35% of the NBA YoungBoy songs that I’ve heard in my life. The track boasts one of those classic, action-packed southern beats that features moments in which it sounds like a kid slid their hands through nine piano keys. The track also features erratic deliveries, undeniable melodies, and a few violent lyrics. All in all, “On My Side” has its moments in which it gets four stars, but also has its moments in which it gets two stars.

Listen to “On My Side” below.

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