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SEB SUMR Seeks A Strong Connection In “Feel The Same”

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Feel The Same


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“Feel The Same” is one of the standout tracks from SEB SUMR’s new “Stories to Tell in the Summer” project.

SEB SUMR is a producer and songwriter that hails from Germany. At age 11, he started taking piano lessons; at age 13, he started remixing songs; at age 15, he started producing beats; and at age 18, he attended music school and graduated as a beatdesigner (Now that’s what I call music experience). Personally, what I like about SEB SUMR is that his songs tend to feature exuberant and feel-good vibes. This weekend, SEB decided to release a brand new six-track project called Stories to Tell in the Summer. One of my favorite songs from it is “Feel the Same.”

“Feel The Same” is about nurturing and appreciating a connection that you have with a special someone. The song boasts an instrumental that has a nice tempo, tons of energy, and hard-hitting knocks. It also features an intoxicating vocal performance, very memorable melodies, and lyrics that are refreshingly honest and blunt. I’m confident that the song will get folks to get off their feet and dance in any setting that it is played in.

Listen to “Feel The Same” below!






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