T.I. Lets Loose On His Detractors In “F*ck Em”

IMG via YouTube

F*ck Em

T.I. & Lil Jon

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Hold the f**k up, T.I. has dreads now?

I’m not going to lie, the sexual assault allegations against T.I. and Tiny are bizarre. It looks like the King and his Queen caught a break today as the prosecutors for their case decided to dismiss it (They were saved by the Statutes Of Limitations law). To celebrate his legal win, T.I. decided to release “F**k Em” with Lil Jon.



I remember the good ole days when T.I. and Lil Jon were running the game. That was also around the time when I used to rock big-ass white tees. Anywho, the two artists decided to unite for “F*ck Em,” an old-school banger that features a beat that you’ve probably heard before (The song samples Lil Jon’s “We Don’t Give a F**k” hit from back in the day) and lyrics that will remind folks that T.I. is an Atlanta legend and an angel that has never done anything wrong in his life (Cough, cough).

I love how T.I. sounds over old-school Atlanta beats.

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