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KB Mike Attempts To Heal Heartbreak on “Used To”

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Used To

KB Mike

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A heartfelt hip-hop track that reminisces on an ex-love with authenticity.

Chicago, Illinois-based musical creative, KB Mike, is a rising artist from the Marquette Park and Gage Park sections of the Southside. He credits his passion for art with helping him avoid a life of violence and poverty. “Music is what keeps me focused and out of harm’s way. That’s really how I navigated through all of Chicago’s stuff,” KB Mike states. 2020 saw the young artist’s musical journey take a huge leap forward with high-six figure agreements with SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook. KB continues to release new music steadily. His latest single is the heartfelt “Used To” and its accompanying music video.

With plenty of passion and obvious remorse, KB reflects on missing his ex and feeling regret for losing her trust to a well-matched backdrop of mellowed-out beats. Lyrics like “Know I’m the reason you’re hurting, but I can fix it” and “I don’t know how to love, but I am trying to” are sincere yet straightforward musings. The visually vivid music video, which sees KB crafting letters to his ex on an old-school typewriter, gifts us a sweet ending that makes all the pain of KB’s single feel worth the emotional journey. Check out “Used To” and experience a touching reflection that will tug at your heart.

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