D Smoke flexes his talents in every single way in “War & Wonders.”


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TOP 5 


5. Shame On You

This is how you do a hype song. 

“Shame On You” is so addictive, I played it twice before I listened to the rest of the album. The song features a hard-ass beat that will make you want to jump all over your enemy’s couch (F**k your couch), both feverish and laidback deliveries, and lyrics that will remind you to never test D Smoke’s greatness, even if you have a pack of number two pencils in your pocket.



4. Road Rage

Every album needs a rage song, right? 

Knowing what this album is about makes this track all the better. Even if you listen to it without knowing anything about D Smoke or that he wrote this album as a tribute to growing up in Inglewood, this song is still a banger. 

I love how rebellious, how grungy, and how ferocious “Road Rage” sounds. I also like how Smoke gets his Spanish-speaking on and flows like a madman in the song. “Road Rage” is certainly a great musical experience.



3. Common Sense

Instrumental genius and a beautiful question of what is the cost of common sense. 

D Smoke went all out with the instrumentals for this album. The sound you hear in “Common Sense” is reminiscent of a big band you’d find in a secret jazz bar. The use of horns and brass instruments sets the whole vibe for the song. You truly get a brilliant production job that only gets better when you bring Smoke’s powerful lyrics into the mix. 



2. Good Thing

D Smoke and Ty Dolla $ign messed around and made a “Good Thing.” 

I’m trying really hard not to keep saying the same thing over and over again, BUT YO, THE PRODUCTION! D Smoke and Ty Dolla $ign’s styles blend together to create one of my new favorite songs this month. 



1. Find My Way

Violins. Did you hear that? V.I.O.L.I.N.S.

I knew this song was gonna be in my top five as soon as I heard the violins. D Smoke’s lyrical skills combined with the smooth classical sounds of the violins give birth to not just a banger of a song, but a song that makes you feel some type of way. 

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1. War and Wonders (4/5)

2. Dirty Mercedes (4/5)

3. Shame On You (5/5)

4. Road Rage (4/5)

5. Mind My Business  (4/5)

6. Find My Way (5/5)

7. Crossover (ft. WESTSIDE BOOGIE) (4/5)

8. Common Sense (5/5)

9. Why Run (4/5) 

10. Stay True (4/5)

11. Say Go (4/5)

12. Good Thing (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (5/5) 

13. Sleepwalking (4/5)

14. Better Half (4/5)

15. Clockwork (4/5)

16. Free Write (4/5)

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D Smoke reflects on and captures living in Inglewood, California in this very beautiful album. The masterful production combined with the reflective and poignant lyrics merges to make a helluva listen. Every song perfectly walks the line between emotional and absolutely hard-hitting. D Smoke really pulled out all the stops for this album production-wise and it shows. Even songs that I wouldn’t say were my favorite on the album were still great songs. None of the tracks were misses. 

I’ll be adding this to my favorite albums released this year. If you haven’t listened to War and Wonder yet, I would highly recommend you find it on your favorite streaming service and play it as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.