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André Molina Gets Romantic With “Miami”

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André Molina

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A charming pop track filled with passionate vocals that will have you longing for love.

New York-based up-and-coming indie-pop artist, André Molina, is a singer and songwriter from the Philippines with a captivating sound. His music, which he describes as “borderline melodramatic,” reflects his optimistic outlook on life and personal experiences. Back in March 2021, Molina released his debut single, the emotional pop track “Stay.” Now, he follows up his premiere song with the romantic pop single “Miami.” A captivating music video also accompanies the new release.

“Miami” brings plenty of romantic vibes with soft, uplifting beats that ooze charm and passionate lyrics that reflect on love with a lighthearted sense. Lyrics like “fly out to sunshine state, girl I can’t wait” and “missed my flight today, girl you’re gonna make me stay” keeps things vibrant and sugar-sweet throughout the track’s entirety. You don’t want to sleep on this rising new artist, so press play and get swept up in a heartwarming tale of love with “Miami.”

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