Headie One – Too Loyal For My Own Good (Album Review)

Headie One is a one-man show in “Too Loyal for My Own Good,” his follow-up to last year’s studio debut album “EDNA.”


Headie One is a one-man show in “Too Loyal for My Own Good,” a follow-up to his debut studio album “EDNA.”


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HONORABLE MENTION: Too Loyal… & …For My Own Good

Headie starts and closes this album magnificently.

In “Too Loyal…,” the album’s intro, Headie One wonders if he has been too loyal to folks, while on the closing track, he gets his answer. The first and last track being the title of the album is clever. It also reaffirms the album’s focus.



5. Long Night in Knightsbridge

Mellow drill rap! This deep, reflective cut is easily one of my favorite records. I think the story Headie tells in the song is so relatable.

Headie has my favorite flow and delivery amongst rappers today (That is amongst all rappers; UK and stateside). This song is definitely going on my “Emo, But I’m Chillin'” playlist. This one is for all my sad boys!



4. Satisfy Me

Yes, Headie, give me that emo reflective rap sh*t! Inject that sh*t in my veins!!!

I love how open and honest Headie is in this song. The production, though, is something I love even more. I’m blanking on where I’ve heard the song’s sample from. I’ll figure it out eventually.



3. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

This cut didn’t have the signature sinister stylings that make up the typical UK rap sound, but Headie has his own sound and it classifies more so under UK drill and road rap.

In my opinion, you get the best version of Headie in this song. Over an upbeat production job, he celebrates all of his accomplishments and wins over the years (As he should). He’s become one of my favorites for a reason and I just love seeing him WIN.



2. Cry

This cut is absolutely absurd. Who would have thought that we’d hear the legendary Busta Rhymes track “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” be sampled in this manner?

Headie hits us with clever wordplay in “Cry.” He also blesses us with a dope-ass hook. Apparently, another UK artist, Scribz Riley, had his hand in the production here. Very dope record.



1. 2 Chains

The day this song dropped, I knew what type of time Headie was on.

This cut followed Headie’s early year release of “Pound Signs,” which was quite the release. The sensational drill-heavy production by M1OnTheBeat has Headie reflecting on life on the road and his success in rap. This hook was so catchy and included some witty Arsenal Football bars:

Two chains on me (Two, two)
Smoke on bro, it ain’t on me (Turn)
Turn him to a Gunner, he ain’t Ljungberg, he ain’t Henry
But it’s an unbeaten season, I’m feelin’ like Wenger in ’03


1. Too Loyal… (4/5)

2. Love Me for Me? (4/5)

3. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (4.5/5)

4. 2 Chains (5/5)

5. Nothing to Me (4/5)

6. Cry (5/5)

7. Finer Things (4/5)

8. Louis Vuitton Collar (4/5)

9. Indecisive Interlude (N/A-Dope Interlude)

10. Long Night in Knightsbridge (5/5)

11. PTSD (4/5)

12. Satisfy Me (5/5)

13. …For My Own Good (4.5/5)




I’m a huge advocate for an artist to continuously experiment with their music and creative process. Through experimentation, growth can occur. Well, Too Loyal For My Own Good proves my point as it’s clear that since his debut release last year, Headie has been experimenting in the studio.

Headie’s growth is present on Too Loyal For My Own Good. Throughout this mixtape, he raps at a high level and constructs hits, which I thought was always a strength of his.

As you’d expect from a Headie tape, this project contains high-quality drill cuts such as “2 Chains” and “Long Night In Knightsbridge.” Headie also shows off his Curry-like range with other sounds too, including the bouncy “Nothing To Me” and sweet afro-swing  “Louis Vuitton Collar.”

Headie is always cooking up with the best producers and there were a number of them involved here that deserve credit. So a big salute to all parties involved; especially QuincyTellEm, M1OnTheBeat, JAE5, and Scribz Riley.

An album by Headie One featuring Headie One was the project I didn’t know I needed this year. I love that there were no features on this album. It allows us to strictly give Headie our undivided attention.

I gravitated to this project a little more than most releases this year due to the relatability and similarity of Headie and his state of mind (I just wanted to mention that really quick).

I have nothing bad to say about this project. It’s more than a solid follow-up to EDNA. There are definitely some potential hits on this mixtape but it’s more about the quality of the music and getting a completely transparent and honest Headie. A job well done by the ONE AND ONLY, HEADIE.

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