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Matthew Topper Is Living The Music Dream

Matthew Topper lives and breathes music.

Matthew Topper has seen it all as a musician. At the tender age of 14, he started performing live. After that, he found himself in the studio with Hank Lane Music, the #1 rated entertainment company in the private event industry on the East Coast. The first major gig he got under Hank Lane Music was DJing Carmelo Anthony’s wedding.

A few years later, Matthew began remixing & mashing up music in college, creating an active fanbase online. Around this time was the ‘Golden age of Soundcloud’ according to Matthew. All of these remixes (Along with some originals) are on record pools such as Digital Music Pool and ZipDJ.

Matthew’s earliest records were influenced by Dallas K, Timmy Trumpet & Martin Garrix. Recently, he did transition to a new genre: future house/electro-pop. Matthew’s latest single, “Take It Over,” dropped on September 14th, 2021. It is doing really well, as it has garnered over 5K streams. By mid-December, Matthew plans on releasing an EP.





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