Venom (Remix)


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

In honor of “Venom 2,” Eminem decided to release a second version of his “Venom” track.

Last week, a mind-boggling collaboration single featuring Skylar Grey, Eminem, Mozzy, and Polo G hit streaming services, kicking off the release of the Venom 2 soundtrack. Well, it seems like Em is still feeling venomous because today, he decided to release a remix to his “Venom” track from a few years ago.



“Venom” is not my favorite kind of Eminem track. What I will say about the song is this: It’s explosive and features tons of action-packed/intense lyrics. What I don’t quite f**k with is Em’s Kid Cudi-Esque humming or how erratic the song sounds overall. Oh well.

I just posted this song so I wouldn’t get fined.

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