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Round and Round

Ericc Antonio

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Ericc Antonio lets the world know about the terrors that come with chasing your dreams.

Ericc Antonio is the definition of an MC. In his music, he does a fantastic job of blessing us with meaningful lyrics, impressive flows, witty punchlines, and confident deliveries. To make a long story short, Ericc is an artist that will give you pleasant flashbacks to when the hip-hop game consisted of a bunch of talented backpack and conscious rappers. His latest single, “Round and Round,” might be his most impressive effort to date.

According to Ericc Antonio, “Round and Round” is about “an aspiring rapper who finally gets his big break, only to be faced with betrayal, deceit, jealousy, and envy from family, friends, foes, and snakes.” What makes the song entertaining is that you get a very dynamic performance by Ericc on it. Not only does he hit us with hella infectious melodies, but he also toys with feverish flows, dishes out stirring lyrics, and shifts gears fearlessly when it comes to his aggression levels. The song is also powered by this electrifying rock-inspired hip-hop beat that I think music fans will love.

Listen to the very compelling “Round and Round” below. The song will be available on all streaming services on October 18th.


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