Garden Party

Masego, Big Boi & J.I.D.

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

If women can come to this garden party for free, how much is the cover for guys? (I’m asking for a drunk friend)

I feel like Masego, J.I.D., and Big Boi are all super unique artists. Like, none of them act like dudes that care about getting their songs played on the radio. In “Garden Party,” the three musicians join forces to create a blissful jam that is special in various ways.


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“Garden Party” features a hypnotizing beat, a wishy-washy hook and verse by Masego, effortless deliveries and clever wordplay by J.I.D., and a vintage verse by Big Boi. While I probably won’t blast this track on a Friday night, this s**t might get a tea party poppin’ on a Sunday morning.

Listen to the very eccentric “Garden Party” below.