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Big Nas


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Nas and Hit-Boy’s music is lapping the field right now.

If you haven’t heard Nas and Hit-Boy’s King’s Disease II yet, you have missed out. In my opinion, it is an album-of-the-year nominee. For those of you that listened to King’s Disease II already, the good news is this: Today, Nas and Hit-Boy decided to release a collaboration single called “Big Nas” that definitely falls in line with all of the hits that the duo released in the past.



“Big Nas” is powered by a beat that is smooth and old-school-sounding. Over it, Nas spills his heart out about his son’s growth, his standing in the game, his plans for the future, his competitive nature, and his views on money. Personally, I love how the New York rapper seamlessly and effortlessly spews his bars out in the track, almost treating it like a quick game of ball.

Masterclass, thank you for this absolute gem.

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