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FADES (Ft. Lia White)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating single that pulls you in with its hypnotic vocals and infectious beats.

London, England-based music creatives, FADE, are a UK alternative pop team that writes and produces music that truly stands out. Some of their previous well-received tracks include 2018’s “Waterfall” and 2019’s “Paradise.” For their latest release, “Obsession,” the artists teamed up with UK singer, songwriter, and producer Lia White to craft a hypnotic single that makes us want to dance all night long.

“Obsession” grabs your attention straight away with its ultra dreamy and uplifting blend of vocals and electro elements. Lyrics like “The way you look at me it hurts my heart” and Why’d you let me in just to leave me alone?” set the mood with heart-tugging lines that leave a sense of longing echoing throughout its reflection. “Obsession” is one experience you don’t want to sleep on, so press play and let this all-consuming single draw you into its mesmerizing world of sounds.

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