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Fabolous Takes His Shot At The “Gyalis” Beat In New Freestyle

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Gyalis Freestyle


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In this short but sweet freestyle, you get approximately 100 punchlines out of Fabolous.

Is Fabolous a top 5 rapper of all time? No. Is he an all-time great? I think so. Even though Fab entered the game sounding like Mase, he’s found a way to have an impressive/unique 20+ year career. To prove that he can spit bars over modern-day beats, the Brooklyn rapper decided to release “Gyalis Freestyle.”



I’m probably done listening to “Gyalis” remixes. What I will tell you is this: Fabolous’ punchline-heavy remix of “Gyalis” is one-of-a-kind. I think the old man killed s**t.

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