Pissed Me Off

Lil Durk

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Demon Durk > Freddy Kruger.

Every October, I watch a bunch of horror movies. Matter of fact, just yesterday, I watched three Friday The 13th movies. These days, I barely even have to watch a movie to get my horror fix; I just listen to a select number of Lil Durk songs. Today, the Chicago rapper decided to drop one of his most terrifying singles to date, “Pissed Me Off.”


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“Pissed Me Off” is one of those mean-ass bangers that you should listen to from under your bed. In the song, Durk talks about the time he and his lady fired shots at intruders, about getting revenge on folks, and about popping pills. Not only is Durk’s lyrics in the song scary as hell, but what is also scary is the cold, church-inspired beat that he raps over (Which Catholic choir agreed to appear on this song?).

Whenever Durk brings out the flows that Juvenile used on “Back That Azz Up,” folks are in trouble.