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Easy On Me


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“Easy On Me” should be on Adele’s new “30” album.

Adele has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear her voice much (Adele’s last album was released in 2015). The good news is this: In a matter of weeks, she will release a brand new album called 30. The first single off the album is “Easy On Me.”



Anytime you give Adele an instrumental that features chilling piano notes, you are putting her in the best position to succeed. “Easy On Me” features a captivating vocal performance and lyrics that highlight the struggle that comes with getting on the same page with someone that you are having disagreements with. While you probably won’t hear the song in a club anytime soon, I’m pretty sure that you will hear it in the houses of woman that have dealt with heartbreak.

Listen to “Easy On Me” below.

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