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SubjectToChange Let Their Feelings Ooze Out In “Be Somebody”

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Be Somebody


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“Be Somebody” is such a deep track.

SubjectToChange is a band that was formed by Patrick Williams & Lucas Jobe. What’s interesting is that they developed the band after fleeing a “Christian” cult last year. The most appealing thing about STC’s music is that it tends to tackle everything from growth to anger to rejection to loss. One of the band’s most powerful releases is “Be Somebody.”

“Be Somebody” is powered by an instrumental that is full of electrifying guitars and hard-hitting drums. Over the instrumental, the lead singer of STC holds nothing back. Not only does he bless us with a vocal performance that seamlessly morphs between intense and subdued, but he also spews out lyrics that really give listeners a gauge of the deep thoughts that go through his mind. From start to finish, I found myself enamored in every element of this song.

Listen to “Be Somebody” below.

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