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Always Love You

Elton John (Ft. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug)

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Don’t sleep, Elton John is definitely hip to hip-hop music.

Do you know what I love about Elton John? He seems like someone that is debonair but also cool as hell. I mean, how kick-ass is his Door Dash commercial with Lil Nas X? Anywho, this weekend, Elton decided to release a brand new single called “Always Love You” that features Young Thug & Nicki Minaj.



“Always Love You” is an opera-like trap song that features a Young Thug verse that is surprisingly vulgar, a passionate Nicki Minaj verse in which she calls out what I am assuming is an ex and vocals by Elton John that I could definitely hear your proverbial fat lady singing. All in all, “Always Love You” is easily one of the most unique tracks to release this year.

Listen to “Always Love You” below.

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