Kawhi Leonard calls on some of the game’s brightest stars for “Culture Jam Vol. 1.”


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3. Waves

I guess “Waves” is the third best song on this album…

“Waves” is aight. The track features a catchy hook by Gunna, a nice little beat that will make you bop your head, and a semi-gangsta verse by Polo G in which he reminds us for the 100th time that he isn’t the one to mess with in any scenario (Especially during fire drills). Personally, I think that the song is a little somethin’ somethin’ that might get you hyped up to leave the house (I don’t think that it can turn a club upside down).



2. Everywhere You Go

Yung Bleu and NLE Choppa put up very impressive and passionate performances in “Everywhere You Go.”

If you got it out of the mud, used to be glued to the streets, or have beef with someone that you once called a friend, I’m pretty sure “Everywhere You Go” will resonate with you. The song features one of those riveting piano-driven instrumentals that misunderstood rappers tend to love. The good news is that Bleu and Choppa both do their thing over the instrumental. Not only do they hit us with touching vocal and rap performances, but they also come across as hood certified and ready for war. All in all, I like the pain and grit attached to the song.



1. Everything Different

I play “Everything Different” at least twice a week. The song is just too f**king good.

“Everything Different” is filled with raw passion, fearless vocal performances, intoxicating melodies, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that got it out of the mud or welcomes smoke. If you are a fan of either NBA YoungBoy or Rod Wave’s music, I think you will love the track.

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1. Everything Different (5/5)

2. Waves (3/5)

3. Thankful (3/5)

4. Bestie (3/5)

5. Gotta Have It (3/5)

6. Everywhere You Go (4/5)

7. No Thank You (3/5)

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This EP was put together by random people, features random people, and covers random topics.

The purpose of Culture Jam is to integrate basketball with music, something that makes perfect sense for Kawhi Leonard to do, right? (I hope that you can hear the sarcasm in my voice). Interestingly, this EP doesn’t feature any basketball-related music whatsoever; it mainly features hood-emotional music and smooth hip-hop bangers. Do I love the project? No. I do like how a bunch of the tracks feel on my soul, though.