Aminé Pays Homage To Pokémon’s “Charmander” In New Single

I was more of a Yu-Gi-Oh! guy, but cool.

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I was more of a Yu-Gi-Oh! guy growing up.

Aminé is certainly a talented guy, but he is also a bizarre guy. You never know which direction he is going to go with his music; something that I think keeps his fans on their toes at all times. Today, the Portland rapper decided to release “Charmander,” a track that features a very annoying hook but also some killer bars.



Clocking in at only 2:11, “Charmander” is a musical concoction that features cocky bars delivered rather cooly, a hook by Alvin Seville’s girlfriend, and a feverish beat that might f**k around and give you a seizure. You can tell that creating this song was slight work for Aminé.

Listen to “Charmander” below.

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