French Montana Releases “I Don’t Really Care”

French Montana is doing everything in his power to convince us that he is that dude.

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I Don’t Really Care

French Montana

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Hey, at least this song doesn’t feature anyone…

The French Montana slander is at an all-time high right now. After he made those somewhat outlandish Kendrick Lamar claims a year ago, folks have been at his neck. Well, it seems like French is a good sport because today, he decided to release “I Don’t Really Care,” a track in which he tries to convince us that he doesn’t care what his naysayers have to say.



It actually sounds like French Montana DOES care in this song. Throughout “I Don’t Care,” a song that features laidback flows, a rebellious hook, and a beat that will make you want to Harlem shake your ass off, French raps about all of his accomplishments, doing his hardest to convince us that we should care about them. While I wouldn’t call him the best salesman in the world, I do admit, he has had some decent women on his hip.

No disrespect, but is saying that you had Khloe something to brag about? (I love Khloe, but she dates some corrupt people)

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