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Jay-Z & Kid Cudi Reunite For “Guns Go Bang”

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Guns Go Bang

Jay-Z & Kid Cudi

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I thought guns went “Purrr.”

The last Jay-Z project that we were blessed with was actually A Written Testimony 4:44. What that means is that we have to value any body-of-work that he is involved in these days. Rumor has it that Jay is featured all over the The Harder They Fall soundtrack. Today, a song from the soundtrack that features Hov and Kid Cudi hit streaming services.



“Guns Go Bang” features an action-packed hip-hop beat, a defiant Kid Cudi hook that you might hear on a Western, and a verse by Jay-Z that features shaky flows and confrontational lyrics. In the midst of watching The Harder The Fall, maybe I would f**k with this song, but just listening to it through my AirPods didn’t work for me.

Knives go “meow.”

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