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New Tooth

Rich Brian

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Who this? New tooth! (Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself)

I swear, there aren’t many rappers in the game that are spitting as hard as Rich Brian. Matter of fact, f**k calling him a rapper, I am prepared to call him an MC. Today, Brian decided to release “New Tooth,” a track in which he goes ham for about four minutes.



In “New Tooth,” Rich Brian raps about being a businessman, about being a heartbreaker, about reaching his potential, and about adjusting to his newfound fame. What I think rap fans will enjoy about the song is how he attacks the song’s gritty beat using impregnable flows and rugged rap deliveries. Rap fans will also like how Brian carefully straddles the line between humble and slightly arrogant throughout.

Give “New Tooth” a shot below.

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