Post Malone & The Weeknd Link Up For “One Right Now”

The two A-listers don’t disappoint in “One Right Now.”

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One Right Now

Post Malone & The Weeknd

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The two A-listers don’t disappoint in “One Right Now.”

I truly believe that it is impossible to not like either Post Malone or The Weeknd’s music. Like, if you don’t like a song by them, I suggest that you get screened for COVID. Today, a month and some change before Christmas, the two artists decided to drop a new single that they collaborated on called “One Right Now.”



Surprisingly/Not so surprisingly, “One Right Now” is one of the poppiest songs that I’ve ever heard in my life. It features one of those upbeat instrumentals that you would hear at a white people bar that sells Jello shots galore, extremely safe melodies, and somewhat cliché lyrics about kicking someone that you no longer trust to the curb. Do I think the song is bad? Not at all. Do I wish that it was more dynamic, especially considering that The Weeknd and Post Malone are legends, yes.

Give “One Right Now’ a shot below.