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Acid City Nuns Bless Us With Smooth Vibes In “Crazy

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Acid City Nuns

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Do you know the cool thing about “Crazy?” It can be played in just about every setting: coffee shops, bars, birthday parties, and more.

If you are simply a fan of music, you have to love when different styles of music are blended. In “Crazy,” Acid City Nuns successfully mixes authentic jazz vibes with hard-hitting raps and soulful vocals.

There are so many layers to “Crazy.” For starters, the song is powered by an instrumental that boasts a nice tempo, gentle piano notes, masterful trumpet play, and just the right amount of oomph. The song also features a chorus that is both infectious and therapeutic and a rap verse that will make you realize how much power can come from being on the same page with someone that adores you just as much as you adore them. All in all, “Crazy” is one of those tracks that is poetic, unique, timeless, and thoughtful.

You can catch “Crazy” on Acid City Nuns’ latest project The Habit. Check it out HERE!

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