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Neko Neezy Demands Answers In “Wanted”


Neko Neezy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Neko Neezy politely asks his beautiful enemy what she wants from him in this deep song (That’s very nice of him).

Neko Neezy is yet another musician out of Chicago that has talent out the wazoo. Not only is he a solid singer, but he can also spit bars with the best of them. In his latest single, “Wanted,” Neko shines like a table that has been wiped down with some 409.

According to Neko Neezy, “Wanted” is a song that “deals with the feeling of always being blamed for your wrongs in a relationship when really the other person involved is the more dirty one instead. Trust issues, name-calling, dishonesty, and many other things are at play here, with the song based around a real situation as well.”

While I personally think that the best thing about “Wanted” is the vulnerable lyrics that Neko spits throughout the song, do not sleep on his intoxicating vocals and aggressive rapping style. Also, I think you will enjoy how he gets lost in an instrumental that seems to be going through the motions with him.

Give the very powerful “Wanted” a shot below (Trust me, the track is worth your time).

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