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Beyoncé Releases “Be Alive” From The “King Richard” Soundtrack

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Be Alive


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You’re a next-level artist if you only release new music through soundtracks.

Will Smith’s King Richard movie is a big deal. It tells the story of two amazing tennis players and will remind people how great of an actor Will Smith is. Another reason this movie is a big deal is that Beyoncé has a song on the soundtrack to it that is called “Be Alive.”



Do you know what I love about Beyoncé? These days, she makes music that is empowering. “Be Alive,” a track that features what I think is a flipped version of Jay-Z’s “The Heart Of The City” beat, is the definition of empowering. In the song, Beyoncé sings intensely about being proudly black and having the backing of her family. The performance that she puts up definitely makes me want to watch King Richard even more.

Beyoncé has morphed herself into a very effective freedom fighter.


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