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Xavier White Talks About His Issues With Commitment In “Only One”

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Only One

Xavier White

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You know what they say, right? It’s hard to only eat one chip.

Xavier White has more talent in his fingernails than most people have all over their bodies. Not only is he a fantastic rapper, but he is also an outstanding singer. The way Xavier combines his two main skills in his music is truly dope. In my opinion, one of his most impressive releases to date is “Only One.”

Below is how Xavier White explained his “Only One” single to us:

My inspiration with this track is the difficulty being faithful to one girl, since trust is a huge part of my life and hard for me to give. This is a song about my struggle to be loyal despite my love for that one girl I already have. It’s a song about putting off commitment until you find ‘the’ one.

“Only One” features stirring lyrics, highly-infectious melodies (Xavier’s melodies in this song are top-notch), impactful raps, and a vibrant/uptempo alternative hip-hop instrumental. All in all, “Only One” is too damn good to ignore.

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