Doctor, My Eyes


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Khamari is a transcendent talent.

I hate comparing artists. I don’t like doing that s**t because it’s not fair for an artist that is on the come-up that simply wants to carve his or her own lane. With that being said, I hate to do it, but Khamari reminds me of the legendary Frank Ocean. For those of you that think that I am drunk off some Kool-Aid right now, I highly recommend that you listen to “Doctor, My Eyes” (Matter of fact, listen to the song a few times before you come back to me).

Below is how Khamari described “Doctor, My Eyes” to the world:

‘Doctor, My Eyes’ is about looking for perspective. When I wrote it I had moved from Boston to LA and was trying to make sense of my life. A lot of things were shifting too fast to keep up with, but things I hoped would change stayed the same. I got put on to this Jackson Browne record, and the story resonated with me. That’s where I got the title. It’s about him being desperate to make any sense of his life and experiences. Then a friend played me Incubus, the song ‘Mexico’. I knew I wanted to lay out these thoughts over a guitar that intimate. In the outro my grandfather is the voice that gives me advice because he’s always been an anchor for me. 

In my humble opinion, “Doctor, My Eyes” is nothing short of amazing. The song blends thoughtful lyrics with soothing vocals and a therapeutic instrumental. When it’s all said and done, “Doctor, My Eyes” is the kind of song that will eek through your mind, body, and soul with ease.

I’m prepared to give Khamari an honorary Grammy for this song.