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Saweetie Talks Her S**t In “Icy Chain”

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Icy Chain


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Is this the first Saweetie single that doesn’t flip a beat from the early 2000s?

We’re going to have to accept that Saweetie is a superstar rapper. I mean, they aren’t just giving anybody signature McDonald’s meals, right? We also have to accept that Saweetie is NOT the most talented rapper in the game. Personally, I haven’t been impressed with her last couple of releases, but I do respect her hustle. Saweetie’s latest single, “Icy Chain,” is a track that I actually don’t think is half bad.



“Icy Chain” is only 1:50. Within that time, Saweetie finds numerous ways to let us know that broke men aren’t worthy of f**king with her and that she is lapping her counterparts when it comes to making boss moves. While I am not a major fan of the hook attached to the song, I do think that the Bay Area rapper puts up a rap performance that is very dynamic.

Give “Icy Chain” by Saweetie a shot below.

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